Sculpture of Lionel Messi’s Left Foot in Gold by Ginza Tanaka

One of the latest creations by Ginza Tanaka, who is best known for his sculptures in solid gold, is a tribute to famous footballer Lionel Messi. This sculpture too is made of solid gold and represents the sportsman’s left foot. Only one unit of this marvelous creation was made and it weighs a stunning 55 pounds. Other works by the Japanese artists include the solid gold Stitch statue and a Santa sculpture that was bought for no less than 200 million yen.

Sculpture of Lionel Messi’s Left Foot in Gold by Ginza Tanaka (4)

The design was created by Mr. Tanaka and the piece was made in Spain in 2012. Coincidentally, Spain is where Lionel Messi gained his name and 2012 was the year when the footballer scored 91 goals for his team, FC Barcelona. The sculpture is to be sold for a mind-boggling $5,250,000, which doesn’t seem like that much when you consider the fact that it is made of pure gold. The sportsman stated that he was very flattered by the honor of having somebody create a replica of his left foot in gold.

In the same series another 100 miniature models worth $42,000 and 50 golden plates with Messi’s foot imprint worth $94,500 each are also available.


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