Saratoga Creek House by WA Design

It is situated in Saratoga, a city in Santa Clara County, California, USA.Near of the Santa Cruz Mountains and at only ten miles east of San Jose yet far removed from the bustle of Silicon Valley,the house was designed at the desire of a technology company executive and his wife.Berkeley-based studio WA Design has building the Saratoga Creek House project in 2009.With a pool,pool house ,adjoining patio the house is a “set of smaller structures interconnected by glassed-in walks and vaulted roof structures that wind through the oak canopy, responding in plan to the requirements of the protected driplines.”

Saratoga Creek House by WA Design (22)

Another interesting thing of the house is that the outdoor spaces is united with the house and landscape.At the southern end of this path is a sculpture patio.The pallete of colors is very simply but it has a great impact.It includes natural stone, concrete, plaster, bronze, and dark hardwoods all being combined in a rich palette of color and texture in the home’s interior.

The architects talk about details of the house and they say that “The clients were deeply engaged in the design process and allowed us to raise the bar on finishes, landscaping, and details for this house. We designed a drop soffit of sheet bronze for the sections of the house with vaulted ceilings. The bronze reflects the adjacent exterior gardens during the day and adds a warm glow at night. We designed a unique, freestanding staircase with glass treads that becomes the centerpiece of the home’s circulation.

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