Sanya in China Said to Get the World’s Largest Duty Free Mall

In order to increase tourism in Sanya, China, the country’s government decided to build the largest duty free mall in the world there. The mall will allegedly occupy an area larger than 750,000 square feet, according to the China Duty Free group. It will feature boutiques with products of the world’s biggest luxury labels and aims to compete with duty free malls such as the ones in Singapore and Hong Kong. Another region in Hainan that will receive improvements in terms of duty free shopping centers is Haikou. For Haikou, Hainan Provincial Duty Free Co Ltd. has planned an elaborate project, which will include a shopping center that will spread over more than 100,000,000 square feet, and house 12 golf courses.

Sanya in China Said to Get the World’s Largest Duty Free Mall (2)

Many of the 33 million tourists that visited the district of Hainan last year were attracted to the two duty free stores of the exotic island. The duty free store in Sanya fetched a record $159 million last year. In consequence, the duty free quota changed from $795 to $1,273.

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