Samsung Will Launch S4 Galaxy In Early 2013

Koreans from Samsung is preparing to launch the latest and most powerful smartphone from their portfolio. S4 Galaxy could soon appear on the market.Samsung Galaxy S4 will come onto the market in March 2013 worldwide, just nine months after its predecessor.”Samsung is ready to launch next smartphone Galaxy – Galaxy S4 – early next year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona Spanish city, “said an Samsung official for Korean newspaper.

Samsung Will Launch S4 Galaxy In Early 2013 (2)

This new mobile phone is apparently the strongest unit of Samsung, with enhancements to both hardware and the software, which will allow Korean manufacturer to maintain the top global market profile.Samsung devices are known for their large screens and S4 Galaxy will have a display even more generous.It seems that S3’s successor will have a 5-inch OLED screen, 0.2 inches longer than the current generation.However, Samsung still need to disclose if S4 will launch with flexible display technology.

Samsung wants to launch a new model every year and Galaxy S4 will be the first to be integrated into this strategy. S4 will have some exterior changes, but will retain the popular rectangular shape with rounded corners. ”

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