Samsung SUR40

Microsoft has announced Surface for the first time in 2007. However, just now managed to put it on sale. It is available to preorder and manufactured by Samsung called the Samsung SUR40. Preorder price is “modest” 8400 dollars.Microsoft aims to sell Surface in education, by companies or for installation in kiosks. SUR40 has a 40 inch screen, full HD resolution and 8ms response. It weighs no more and no less than 39.5 kilograms.

Samsung SUR40 (1)

It is a low-power processor (45 W) Ahtlon X2 (dual core) running at 2.9 GHz. An AMD processor released in the summer of 2010. Microsoft has turned all graphics from AMD and we deal with HD6750M, a GPU is still low-power. RAM is up to 4GB DDR3 and the storage to 320 GB by SATA 2.

Microsoft says that Surface (SUR40) will consume 230 watts at full load and 2 watts in standby. Operating system Windows 7. Even if pre-order price was set to delicate amount of $ 8400 still do not know when it will give way to delivery.

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