Samsung Cameras Done Up with Swarovski Crystals go on Display

Do you know a item which is not covered with Swarovski crystal?Well if it is sure will it also be full of shiny stones soon!Until then we present you another stunning gadget  ,this time for women with expensive tastes,encrusted with Swarovski crystal.Samsung has come up with a Swarovski crystal-encrusted range of cameras, which includes the NX11 and the ST30.

Samsung Cameras Done Up with Swarovski Crystals go on Display (5)

But do not get too excited because we have a bad news that these gadgets aren’t on sale. On display at camera retailer Jessops’ Christmas in July showcase at the Swarovski store in London, these will be given away as prizes instead. The ST30 is a compact 10.1-megapixelcamera while the NX11 is a next generation model for the hybrid NX10.

Other exclusive models that will hit the store in time for Christmas includes the Panasonic GF3 twin lens kit in red, the Fujifilm Finepix XP20 in blue or black, and the Olympus VR-320 in black. If it had been selling ,would you like to buy this bright camera?

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