S-512 Concept Private Jet Will Feature Virtual Windows

For many of us, the best part of traveling by airplane is that we get to admire fantastic views, but the small little peepholes that pass by as windows on aircraft these days can’t possibly provide us with a satisfying panorama. Fortunately, thanks to the incredible technology that’s being implemented into modern aircraft these days, those who can afford to purchase their own private jet might get the chance to admire breathtaking vistas even at supersonic speeds.

S-512 Concept Private Jet 1

The S-512 concept private jet is still being developed in Boston by a company called Spike Aerospace, and if it will actually be complete someday, it will definitely become widely popular. The thing is, the implementation of virtual HD windows was actually necessary in order to eliminate the aircraft’s drag, thus allowing it to reach supersonic speeds. The windows are basically large HD screens that are connected to a series of cameras placed on the fuselage of the plane, and they can be turned off or dimmed according to the owner’s preferences.S-512 Concept Private Jet 3

S-512 Concept Private Jet 2

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