Russia’s Orbital Technologies Plans to Create Space Hotel

Russia’s Orbital Technologies plans to create space hotel.Here it is the price for a such vacantion.The fight for attract tourists will move to another plan.After a company from Russia has annouced plans to bulid a hotel in space.The Russians had presented a hotel project which will be bulid in orbit,more exactly at 217 miles from Earth.

Russia's Orbital Technologies Plans to Create Space Hotel (1)

This unusual hotel will can accommodate seven tourists in four rooms with large windows with a amazing view to Terra.Well even the trip up there would be a really adventure.Would take two days to reach at destination aboard a Soyuz shuttle.But those who could afford such a holiday would be very few.Why?Because such a trip,for a stay of five days,will cost £ 100,000, and the whole holiday, 500,000 pounds.In conditions of weightlessness from space,visitors can choose if they want horizontal or vertical beds and showers will be designed so water won’t flow where it shouldn’t.

The tourists which will have available experienced team will eat food like Earth board to the shuttle and heated in the microwave.Hotel rooms will be equipped with devices that which guests will enjoy of wonderful and intergalactic views.They will have iced tea,mineral water and fruit juices,alcohol is strictly prohibited.The toilets will use air instead water for evacuation.The hotel which will be called Commercial Space Station, would be inaugurated in 2016 and will be much more comfortable than the International Space Station .


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