Russian-Inspired Hairstyle for a Equatorial Summer

Russian braided hair is very in vogue this summer and has many advantages. First, look very stylish, secondly keep your hair away from face and neck which can have a cooling effect in summer and third can be done very quickly.

Russian-Inspired Hairstyle for a Equatorial Summer (1)

Many celebrities have worn this style over time, not only for leisure or TV appearances on the red carpet, but even that proves once again that hairstyle is elegant, yet sexy and youthful.Among the celebrities who love this style include Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie. Why you need to make such a haircut? Well, you need only two small elastic and a few simple clips. Eventually, if you feel you finish using a spray hair shine. Here are the steps you have to follow to get a stfeld’s hair.

1. You start by making a path in the middle. After all the hair divided into two equal parts, begins to blends.

2. After you’ve made ​​two tight braids schoolgirl, all you have to do is give them each in the other. You have to look like as a band.

3. Each tail is fixed with simple clips and possibly add a little hairspray.

If you do not have long enough hair to your make such a hairstyle, you can extend thin tails using colored scarves. This way you get a cheerful aspect. It also is a right and if ffoarte hairstyle you want to go to the beach or a pool party.

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