Ruby Belvedere Charonne Motorcycle Helmet

Designed by Jerome Coste this stunning motorcycle helmet is called the Ruby Belvedere Charonne and it is an exclusive accessory for motorcyclist.Jerome was inspired by several source like French luxury and Steven Mc’Queen‘s scien fiction movie.

Ruby Belvedere Charonne Motorcycle Helmet (5)

It has a basic structure made in carbon fiber while the inner lining is made of Nappa Lambskin giving the helmet a perfectly comfortable fit. The front visor, which covers the face completely has been made with the concept of Pavilion highlighting, the security aspect of this feature.Three options has the helmet: one smoked style, one transparent, one intermediate finish which takes a few seconds to change each time. Other components include the mounting parts made of titanium and the chin strap with a double d buckle to hold this protection gear firmly in place.This helmet has an interesting pocket at the back of the helmet which can store crucial information for help.

The finishes for this retro yet vintage designer helmet are total of 4 in number, the Black St. Germain, White St. Honore, Red & White Shibuya, and the Grey Etoile. The ruby emblem on the front end is metallic and is there in all the versions of the helmet. For those who want it ,the price is of  950 $ (about 660 €).

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    Hello, i would like to ask you whether it is possible to buy the helmet size XL.

    Please let me know as soon as possible.




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