Rothschild tiara sells for over £1 million in London

A diamont tiara was sold  at a London auction for £1,161,250 ($1,900,000, 1,305,908 euros). The dazzling pearl once owned by a celebrated member of Britain’s de Rothschild empire.The gorgeous item  belonged to Hannah de Rothschild, whom was at one time the richest woman in Britain and whom went on to marry dashing aristocrat and future prime minister the Earl of Rosebery.Three pieces of jewellery owned by the countess of Rosebery were sold for a combined total of £1,738,500 at “Important Jewel Sale” at Christie’s auction house.

Rothschild tiara sells for over £1 million in London (1)

“The Rosebery pearl and diamond tiara, bracelet and brooch were at the heart of Lady Rosebery’s vast array of magnificent jewels, which rivaled those of crowned heads of Europe at the time,” Keith Penton, Head of Jewels at Christie’s, said.

He added also that “They are a rare survival of 19th century English aristocratic splendour, as so much ancestral jewellery has been sold anonymously, remounted or broken down”.

The granddaughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, founder of NM Rothschild & Sons, became Britain’s richest woman when her father, Mayer Amschel, died in 1874.

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