Rothschild Jewellery Sold at Christie’s

Christie’s sold a tiara toghether with bracelet and brooch at  Christie’s Important Jewel Sale on Wednesday.Jewels with diamonds,pearls,all cost  1 738 500 £ (approximately 2 million Euros or 2,85 million dollars).Only the tiara cost t 1 161 250 £ (about 1,3 million Euros or 1,9 million dollars) and the other two pieces cost 577 250 £ (about 654 751 € or 947 267 $).

Rothschild Jewellery Sold at Christie’s

Hannah de Rothschild who became the richest woman in Britain in 1874 after her father’s death ,was the owner of these beauties.Her father fleft her a wealth of 2 million pounds in cash, plus a number of properties and priceless jewels.Four years later she married Archibald Philip Primrose, becoming Countess Rosebery.

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