Roller Coaster Trains

The latest and also the main attraction of Japanese amusement park “Fujikhy Highland” is a “hell” train of “roller coaster” called Dodonpa. Only 1.6 seconds from power on, it slides on rails at an incredible speed of 172 km / h.Unlike other trains of the same, it is equipped with a propulsion system with compressed air prior to soar in the race, immediately after boarding passengers, the truck weighed. Knowing the total weight of the car, the computer can calculate exactly how much air pressure is needed to release.

Roller Coaster Trains (1)

When is given away, the air rushes over a large piston which, through the powerful blows, is driven violently forward, resulting in movement of the cable connected to the wagon. The vehicle starts thus strength, speed mentioned, the 1189 meters of the circuit being driven in just 50 seconds. At Yokohama, however, is “Diving Coaster Vanish” – only “roller coaster” in the world that not only walk over a lake, but their passengers and carrying it under water, terrible “Insanity” (“crazy”) Las Vegas somewhat resembles the old “chains” of our past fairs, but turn their customers by 60 km / h to 275 meters above the city.



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