River Which Flows From Paradise

Caristales River is located near La Macarena in Colombia, South America. In most of the year is worse than any other. But for a short period of time, turns into a colorful natural wonder. “Responsible” for this show colors are algae that grow on rocks in the riverbed. River, famous worldwide for its color, was called “the river that flows from heaven,” “the most beautiful river in the world” and “River in five colors.”

River Which Flows From Paradise (4)

During the rainy season in Colombia, fast flowing water covering the bottom of the river, and moss and algae can not receive sunlight and water during the dry season this river becomes insufficient. But for a short period of time between the two seasons, when water level is normal, there is an explosion of varieties of algae and moss in a dazzling color color.  Stains blue, yellow, green, black and red and thousands of shades of these colors occur along river.

River area where these colors appear quite isolated and not accessible by road. Tourists can fly to La Macarena, and then will walk accompanied by guides. There are four marked trails, but you can not sleep. The area was closed for a period because for many years tourists have visited these places vandalizing the area, but in 2009 it was reopened to the public.

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