Ritz-Carlton Will Open a New Resort in Rabat, Morocco

Rabat is the famed capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, and with the coming of December 2013, it will be home to one of Ritz-Carlton’s most exquisite urban resorts. The resort is owned by a Morocco-based investment group called the Sienna Investment Group, and this establishment joined hands with WATG Architects and Scape Design Associates in order to bring a prestigious hotel brand into the mix, one that would ensure Rabat’s deserved esteem and respect. This is where Ritz-Carlton came in.

Ritz-Carlton Will Open a New Resort in Rabat, Morocco (1)

The resort would be placed within a magnificent golf course called The Royal Golf of Dar Es Salam, as this is already one of Rabat’s the most appreciated destinations. Furthermore, the golf course comprises breathtaking panoramas, beautiful lakes, oak trees and flora.

The Ritz-Carlton Urban Resort, Rabat will include 5 two-bedroom villas, 15 one-bedroom villas and 120 guest rooms, all featuring the amenities and comforts we’ve come to expect from the famed hotel company.

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