Rihanna in Vogue

After scenes of indecent wheat chain, Rihanna is trying to wash their stylish image with a pictorial in Vogue.Although lately stood out more vulgar gestures and lewd poses, Rihanna is the latest star on the cover of Vogue.

Rihanna in Vogue (1)

While fashion critics often put in the category “dressed badly,” Rihanna is challenging, but more stylish than usual, on the cover of Vogue. The French allure, Rihanna highlight their feet (slightly thinned in Photoshop) wearing a pair of high heels.

The star originally from Barbados is known for the controversy created by his videos. In the Vogue interview, Rihanna has confessed that she just wants to make music and hypostasis it appears in the videos are only some roles: “I am not.’s A role that we play.”

The singer spoke and her rebellious attitude damages that was caused by her parents, Ronald and Monica Fenty Braithwaite. Star father was addicted to cocaine. “I saw too many. I was too mature for my age,” said Rihanna.

Last week, the star was banished from the land to a farmer in Northern Ireland, after he saw the artist in front of the camera posing in a dress too brief.

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