Rihanna Gave Up Red for a More Natural Color

When you think of celebrities redheads, Rihanna is the first that comes to mind, is not it? From now on you should know that the artist gave up in favor of a brown red hair very natural.If you think that Rihanna is a big fan of wigs, we can not be sure it will not appear in public redhead. But at least for now, it take a natural look and enjoy the holiday every day.The singer took a break from concerts and went to Barbados to enjoy the little free time with family and friends. If after a few days, was given a show at the carnival in Barbados, Rihanna has now adopted a wiser look.

Rihanna Gave Up Red for a More Natural Color (1)

She went to the beach in a white bathing suit, accessorized with a gold chain and very thin. Rihanna no makeup at all, she wore his hair very natural rebel and left to view a well toned body.Do you like her new look?

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