Rihanna – at walk with the wig!

Rihanna has a spectacular look.She dress trendy,has red hair and a sexy attitude.But at the last public appearance her hair looked as fake as a Barbie doll.Recently ,Rihanna was spotted by the paparazzi with her real look and hair which is short and very rare.

Rihanna - at walk with the wig! (5)

There is no point to envy at Rihanna for her beautiful and red hair.It’s actually a wig.So if you like it so much you can have Rihanna’s hair in five minutes……if you find the perfect wig .Rihanna matching her wig with the nails.

Singer from Barbados is not afraid to do everything that comes to mind:so if she wants a bright red wig, that gate without making them care about what people think.

“Do not be afraid to be you just because you’re not the others.If you want to paint your hair in green because that makes you happy, then painted it, indiderent the opinion of others.  It’s impossible for everyone to like you.That’s the world we live in, that’s the reality, “Rihanna said in an interview. Anyway, Rihanna is not like conservative.She likes to experiment and not afraid of scissors.

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