Revolutionary Architectural Project Will Take Face of Dubai

Azerbaijan wants to overshadow Dubai with a revolutionary architectural design. Construction of spatial structures inspired looks will change the face of the capital Baku.The capital was known until recently as White City because of pollution caused by exploitation of oil.Courageous project aims to transform the White City. In fact, the whole face of the country will change with major infrastructure works.

Revolutionary Architectural Project Will Take Face of Dubai (3)

By 2015, the Caspian Sea will be built a crescent-shaped hotel, with tips embedded in the shore, which will have 33 floors. In this area opened a huge site of 220 hectares, the site of industrial exploitation.The area will be completely cleaned and will be office buildings and homes built with modern architecture, in which 48,000 people will sit, and another 50,000 will live.The project will be conducted by a Korean company architecture.



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