Residence in an Exclusive Singaporean Community

The architects from ONG&ONG did a great job!This residence project is called 72 Sentosa Cove House and is located in an eclusive oceanfront residential community in the East of Sentosa Island in Singapore. The architects needed to maximize the space and ensure the inhabitant’s privacy while constructing a comfortable yet luxurious residence.The architects was added an enclosed central courtyard in the middle of the house for sure that family has a fresh and private outdoor source of air. This also acts like a light chimney for the nearby interior spaces.The residence is surround by heavy foliage .

Residence in an Exclusive Singaporean Community (25)

We can say that the house is protected from indiscrete eyes and allows fresh, clean air to freely move through the house.It has a lap pool and training room that ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle,because it was designed for a young couple and their children. The building’s slimmer east and west facades are a contrast to the wide-open north and south ones This regulates natural lighting and wind ventilation for efficient thermal circulation. A pitched roof, with its series of repeating slopes, also generates additional skylight openings.The 72 Sentos Cove House connects multiple areas – both private and public.

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