Remarkable Sunset Strip Estate

If you are thinking about purchasing a lavish home in Hollywood, California, then why don’t you have a look at this exquisite Sunset Strip estate that is currently up for sale for $28.8 million? We know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking that that’s a whole lot of money to pay on a house but bear with us as we explain exactly what makes this residence so special and what justifies its enormous asking price.

Sunset Strip estate (1)

We might as well start off with the location. Sunset Strip is a stretch of Sunset Boulevard, a place well known for its fantastic nightlife, luxurious restaurants and high-class residents, so rest assured your neighbors would be quite respectful and welcoming.

Then we come face to face with the estate itself, which was beautifully designed by Hagy Belzberg. The estate includes three different structures, namely a Guest House, a Wellness Center and the Main Residence. Visually speaking, the entire house radiates luxury and tranquility thanks to its magnificent exterior layout and sublime interior arrangements. Furthermore, the lucky inhabitants of the lavish abode would be able to savor superb panoramas of the city from various vantage points, while the property itself dazzles the eye with its unique design, excellent architecture and neatly trimmed greenery.

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