Regula Tuning Audi R8 Grandiose Styling Kit

Audi R8 is one of supercars favorite by international tuning houses for their packages of changes.Germans from Regula Tuning created a package of changes to the pre-facelift version of the supercar German Audi R8 .The whole package is made to the power of two. Nothing remains standard, nothing is replaced of subtle components.

Regula Tuning Audi R8 Grandiose Styling Kit (4)

The most visible changes are on the outside, where German specialists have applied an aerodynamic package which they have called “Grandiose“.It comes with a new front spoiler, grille that incorporates a fixed rear spoiler, side sills, a new rear bumper and a pair of twin tailpipes.

Aesthetic package is available for both V8 and the V10 version.As a difference to more powerful version, Regula Tuning offers one remapping for power developed elevate it from 525 horsepower to 560 hp. This change will cost € 1.398, independent of the package.


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