Reddish Cloud

Danxia, this is a unique phenomenon that can be seen in several places in China. After early autumn rain, the Danxia Landform Park demonstrates rich colors, which make tourists immersed in such a magnificent scene.The example is located in Zhangye, Gansu Province. Danxia is a form of relief from red sandstone, which has been eroded over time and transformed into a series of mountains surrounded by rock formations round and many unusual rocks.

Reddish Cloud (4)

This geological phenomenon was called Danxia – as an area where it was first noticed by researchers. It is a variety of red soils in various weather conditions which turns various shades, all having the appearance of a rainbow stretching. A very peculiar feature of Danxia landscapes is the development of numerous caves of various sizes and shapes. The caves tend to be shallow and isolated, unlike true karst terrain where caves tend to form deep, interconnecting networks.Travelers are enjoying the spectacular Danxia Landform scenery in Zhangye, northwest China. Zhangye Danxia Landform Park is located on the border of Nijiaying Village and Baiyin Village in Gansu Province, northwest China, having an area of 510 square kilometers.

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