Recommended Workout Routines for Your Star Sign

Star Sign

Star Sign

According to astrologers, our star signs have a great impact not only on our personalities but also on our body builds and potential health risks. And with the endless list of workout routines available nowadays, it’s very important to know what exercises work best for certain signs. We invite you to have a look at our exercise horoscope and choose the best possible workout according to your own star sign.

1. Workouts for Aries


If you were born in the sign of Aries, you definitely don’t shy away from physical work and body stress, especially since your competitive nature and great energy reserves tempt you to push your body to the limits. Tennis, wind surfing, endurance cycling and fighting sports such as martial arts and boxing would definitely suit your lifestyle and personality. Just remember not to push yourself too hard!

2. Workouts for Taurus


If you’re a Taurus then you might dislike physical effort and exercise in general, since your sign is often linked to comfort, relaxation and peace. Nonetheless, we all have to exercise regularly in order to maintain or health and prevent weight gain, so we recommend you try out something that you actually enjoy. Walking, biking, tennis, windsurfing or light jogging can do wonders for your body and mind.

3. Workouts for Gemini


Since you enjoy the company of others so much, you should orientate towards sports that require a partner, such as Frisbee, badminton or tennis. Aerobic dancing and gymnastics are also highly recommended, but you should try to keep away from swimming or water sports, as Gemini lungs are known to be quite sensitive.

4. Exercises for Cancer


A lot of Cancers are actually foodies, so exercising is sometimes mandatory in order for them to keep in shape. Fortunately, it’s not hard at all to find suitable workout routines for those born under the sign of Cancer, since their natural affinity towards water enables them to succeed in virtually any water sport.

5. Exercises for Leo


Since you love to be the center of attention, you should consider doing couples dancing, Pilates or aerobics, but you should also try exercises that strengthen your circulatory system such as jogging and walking.

6. Workouts for Virgo


Since you’re always finding different ways to keep busy anyway, you’re definitely ready to try out some energy demanding sports such as hiking or endurance cycling. However, there must come a time to relax and lay back once in a while to shed off the stress, so try looking into some meditation classes or yoga once in a while.

7. Workouts for Libra


High-end health clubs are tailored to fit the delicate needs of a Libra, so organized fitness classes would definitely do wonders for them. Like the Gemini, the Libra loves socializing and making friends, so dancing, sailing and tennis are definitely good options as well.

8. Workouts for Scorpio


Intense workout routines work best for a Scorpio, allowing him or her to blow off some steam and build focus. Distance running, martial arts and boxing are great for this purpose, but they should also be balanced out by more relaxing sports such as slow jogging.

9. Exercises for Sagittarius


Often referred to as the Centaur sign, Sagittarius’s workout routine should be centered on horseback riding, but skiing and cycling can work just as well. Your energy and focus could prove to be great assets should you decide to take up more extreme sports, but you should always wear safety equipment since your sign is often prone to accidents.

10. Exercises for Capricorn


Capricorns are experts at rock climbing, but cycling and jogging are also recommended. However, since their weakest point is known to be the knees, they should be very careful when engaging in the aforementioned activities.

11. Workouts for Aquarius


Extreme sports such as skydiving would work well for you, as they will feed your constant need for change and adrenaline. When you find yourself wanting for the company of others, you could try dancing, and when you feel the need to spend some time on your own, you can always train for long distance runs.

12. Exercises for Pisces


As with Cancer, Pisces are naturally drawn to the element of water, so surfing and swimming are definitely good picks. Aerobics and dancing could be quite rewarding as well, while Yoga would allow you to find inner peace and harmony.



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