Really Bad Celebrity Tattoos

Cheryl Cole 1

Cheryl Cole 1

As much as we love some of these celebrities, we have to admit that their tattoo choices are very unfortunate. They are excellent examples of why people should think twice before making a permanent decision like that of getting a tattoo. It’s true that removal techniques have evolved considerably and will still continue to do so, but is it really worth it to get a bad tattoo only to have it erased later?

1. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

One option that people have when they get bored of an old tattoo is to cover it with a new one. Unfortunately, the result is not always as wonderful as expected, and we believe that Cheryl’s huge roses on her lower back are a good example of that. Oversized and dark, they did manage to cover the old butterfly, but we’re not exactly sure about how flattering the new shape is.

2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

All grown up and cool, Justin has started to adorn his young body with various tats none of which really impresses us. However, there is one in particular that makes us feel bad for him. It’s the woman with wings that he has drawn right above his wrist. Not only does it look like his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (and it’s never comfortable to wear your ex on your skin), but it also seems to have been drawn by someone who knows little to nothing about art.

3. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Back when he was deeply in love with Wynona Ryder, Johnny Depp had her name tattooed on his shoulder. Fortunately, after their three-year engagement ended, he didn’t have to opt for a huge cover up, but instead he simply erased the last two letters of his ex’s name and got a whole new message: instead of Wynona Forever, his tattoo now says Wino Forever, which is not exactly a brilliant save, we have to say.

4. Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene

You would think that after decades of repeating college as a vampire, she should know how to spell. Or maybe we should blame the tattoo artist for having spelled “Lifes a dance” instead of “Life’s a Dance” on the actress’s foot. How frustrating must it be to endure the pain of a tattoo only to see it done wrong? Good thing this one is easy to fix.

5. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Talking about all his bad tattoos would take too long, so we will only focus on a recent one that really got our attention in a bad way. The rapper had the word “Baked” written in ink on his forehead. Actually, it is the logo of a famous skateboard manufacturer, but somehow this doesn’t make things less weird to us.

6. Steve O

Steve O

Self-portraits as tattoos are not exactly a brilliant idea by our standards, but when you get one on your back with a face that is actually larger than your own, and you also add the words “Yeah dude, I rock!” to it, all we can say is “Kids, never do this to your bodies”. But since it’s Steve O that we are talking about here, a ridiculously narcissistic tattoo like that doesn’t seem that weird after all.

7. Pink


There’s a help button tattooed on Pink’s arm. While the idea is a bit funny, the art is really rudimentary and poor. She apparently had it done to have something to press whenever things got too difficult to bear. It’s like a built-in stress relief toy that actually doesn’t even work, because according to the star herself, it has always failed her. She joked about the situation saying that she needed to have it activated.



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