Raketa’s Giant Mechanical Clock for Moscow

Soon to become one of the five largest mechanical clocks in the world, this extraordinary mechanism is the work of the Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Raketa”. The factory is the oldest in the world, dating back to 1721, when it was founded by Peter the Great.

Raketa’s Giant Mechanical Clock for Moscow

Construction is scheduled for December 2014, with the different massive parts being made out of aluminum, steel, brass and copper. Measuring 19.6 feet by 24.6 feet, the movement will be the largest in the world and will feature a 42.6 foot pendulum.

Raketa is already famous for manufacturing one of the most reliable watch movements in the world, but this amazing project will definitely mark a historical point in the company’s evolution. The giant mechanical clock will feature the largest gears out there, measuring as much as 13 feet in diameter. It will be displayed on the Central Detski Magazin building in Lubyanka square, in front of the FSB (former KGB) building.

Largest mechanical clocks in the world

Raketa’s Giant Mechanical Clock Back View

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