Quirky Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin

If you’re tired of the same predictable designs of ordinary hotels, you should try something a little more eccentric, like the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin. Best described as habitable works of art, the 31 differently themed rooms of the hotel are full of unexpected features.

Propeller Island City Lodge Glass Room

Here you can enjoy a completely unforgettable experience at a reasonable price. You will find weird things like a hovering bed, beer kegs for sinks, coffins for beds, furniture on the ceiling, and a bathroom in a closet. There is no way you won’t find something to your liking among these eclectic and unexpectedly intricate interior designs.

The hotel is actually also an art installation created by artist Lars Storschen. This unique project actually started as an means of making a little extra money by renting out four rooms of the artist’s home. He had no intention in having dull decorations in his home, so he themed each one of those rooms in unique ways. The concept was so successful, that Storschen had to extend his business by purchasing more space in his building. Now the hotel also has a separate breakfast room, an art gallery, and of course a reception.

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin Deck Room

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin Germany

Propeller Island City Lodge Room

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin

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