Prynt Portable Photo Printer

Founded at the beginning of the year, Prynt is a young firm whose purpose is to develop portable photo printers, much like the vintage Polaroid devices. Only these awesome printers are much smaller and compact, and they also attach to your smartphone in order to communicate with it.

Prynt Portable Photo Printer

Still in prototype stage, the camera slash printer snugly slides onto iOS and Android phones (and later even phablets) and holds enough sheets of paper for ten photos. The paper compartment can be easily refilled when necessary, and the rechargeable battery will last for up to thirty prints on a single charge.

Prynt communicates with the smartphone wirelessly, and it needs only 30 seconds to print one photo. You just take the picture, or choose one that you already have in your gallery, and then hit the print command. But what makes this device even more interesting is the fact that you can also make short videos as you take your picture, and that video is uploaded to the cloud. Once it is there, anyone who points a Prynt camera to the picture can automatically play that video to bring more life to the memory.

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