Project Utopia Island Yacht

The concept of floating island, of the increasingly debated these days.Utopia project has more in common with offshore oil than a boat, breaking the traditional concepts of naval architecture and providing a new perspective of an unconventional design.Designed by BMT Nigel Gee, Utopia floating island measures 100 meters in diameter and is 65 meters above the sea, featuring 11 active bridge, the latter being designed helicopters.The platform is designed to resist extreme weather conditions, each of the four legs providing a powerful engine.Luxury ship will be equipped with exclusive and distinct space for shows, restaurants, bars, clubs and casinos, is destined for an exclusive market segment.

Project Utopia Island Yacht (4)

WallyIsland concept was initiated by Italian yacht builders from Wally, four years ago.Tropical Island Paradise  belonging to the British manufacturer Island Yacht Design, is considered the most extravagant boat in the world.Yacht with a length of 90 meters, can move at a speed of 15 knots and the bridge has a volcano, a waterfall feeding the pool, and small floating islands.

Meanwhile, this year, British designers have already developed plans for a floating replica of Monaco and its famous landmarks, including the track circuit in Monte Carlo.The idea belongs to Island Yacht Desing Company, of Rob McPherson, who wanted this design to achieve a unique yacht in the world that reflects style and refinement of the principality.


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