Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock Honeymoon!

Shortly after the royal wedding of Monaco, Prince and Princess went to honeymoon in South Africa, the birthplace of Charlene. The two are at a hotel where a room costs ‘only’ 5,100 euros per night.According to sources from Monaco, the princely couple would be staying at luxury hotel in Umhlanga The Oyster Box, in the presidential suite which has floor and toilet private pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock Honeymoon! (4)

According to rumors, there is the possibility that Princess Charlene never to return to Monaco with Prince Albert, where it is proved that he was unfaithful during the five-year relationship. Beyond luxury honeymoon, the relationship between Albert and Charlene seems to have problems. Prince learned recently that could have a third child out of wedlock – resulting from a clandestine, while he and Charlene formed a couple. The man will do paternity tests to find out exactly if or little father. If the tests come out positive, the princess will know for sure that he was deceived and might decide to break the marriage.

The two were married Saturday at religious Monaco Prince’s Palace Square. Charlene almost wept throughout the ceremony, most likely emotions, although it’s sad that it was because of her husband.

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