Powerful Women

Strong women, independent , fine perfumes, expensive clothes, jewelry, beautiful, powerful business women, distinguished and experienced business and better win more than their partners. Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry  are some of the women which win very good.If you are curious which are the couples ,read more here.

Powerful Women (5)

1. Kim Kardashian si Kris Humphries

Both are ready to get married.While she win $ 5 million / year in show her “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”,without he ads on your site and from promoting weight loss products “Quick Send”,Khris Humpries her future husband,wins wins $ 3 million / year after his performance at the basketball team in New Jersey.

2. Angelina Jolie si Brad Pitt

The famous couples,have no care of financially.Angelina is an association called “Goodwill” and has an income of $ 30 million / year, money earned from the movies.Brad earn only $ 20 million per year.

3. Katy Perry si Russell Brand

While Katy Perry can be proud with her amount of 44 million dollars(amount which are made by sales from ​​the album “Teenage Dream”), Russel has an amount of 6 milion dollars .

4. Gisele Bundchen si Tom Brady

We know that Gisele is the highest paid model in the world. She earn $ 45 million star just modeling, while Tom Keep has an amount of $ 31 million in sport.

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