Porsche Design Sport Unveils the New Bounce:S3 Sneakers

Limited edition stuff are our favorite, and perfectly fitting in this category are the new Bounce:S3 sneakers by Porsche Design Sport. Created by Adidas in collaboration with Porsche Design, this is the third generation of the successful series of performance sneakers.

Porsche Design Sport Unveils the New Bounce:S3 Sneakers (3)

They were created for the cold Fall/Winter season and they can make running a better and more satisfying experience for any athlete. Their best feature is the innovative suspension system that was inspired by the luxurious and technologically advanced Porsche vehicles. This mechanism manages to convert vertical impact into excellent forward propulsion.

The design is also very special, featuring a unique badge on the tongue, sporty aluminum and black tones, and a semi-translucent outsole through which the spring and pivot mechanisms can be seen at work. When the first model in the series was launched in 2008, Time Magazine called it one of the best 50 inventions of the year.

The award winning sneakers (twice the Plus X Award and the German Red Dot Design Award) will only be produced in a limited number of 500 pairs. You can purchase your own from Porsche Design and Adidas stores worldwide.

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