Plitvice An Unique Place

At the first view you would probably say that this is heaven,but is not!This piece of heaven is the Plitvice Complex in Croatia which was declared a national park since 1949, representing the oldest nature reserve in south-eastern Europe, visited by nearly 1 million tourists annually. In 1979 ,Plitvice park was taken on the UNESCO World Heritage List.This gorgeous park contains 16 lakes that have emerged after the confluence of small rivers and underground karst rivers. The main attractions to be visited in this park is the lakes, and spectacular waterfalls. The largest lake is Lake Kozjak which is a navigable lake.

Plitvice An Unique Place (13)

Those 16 lakes of Plitvice National Park are divided into upper and lower lakes.The upper lakes are in number of 12 and most are situated at altitudes of 600 meters.Proscanko Lake is located at 636 meters above the sea level,with a total area of 680 square meters.The lake has a depth of 37 meters. The second lake can be seen in Plitvice is Gicanovac Lake is situated at an altitude of 620 and an area of 70 square meters. The largest lake is Kozjak Plitvice National Park, an area of 830 square meters and a depth of 46 meters.Length of the lake is 2350 meters and its width of 135 meters. The attractions of this lake is Stefanija Island. These two lakes above are Gradinsko Jezero and Burgeti.

Besides the upper lakes ,Plitvice National Park contains and 4 bottom lakes. The largest bottom lake is Milanovac, with a length of 470 meters and a width ranging between 50-90 meters.It has 60 meters wide and 100 feet long. Kaluderovo and Novakovic are the last two lakes in the park, is located over 500 meters above sea level. This place definitely worth visiting once in a lifetime!

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