Piso 11 Apartment by Agraz Arquitectos

This 80’s built apartment is located in the down town square of Guadalajara,Mexico.It was design by Mexican studio Agraz Arquitectos.The architects remodeled the 1,722 square foot unit of space and turned it into a stunning contemporary apartment.

Piso 11 Apartment by Agraz Arquitectos (9)

As architects the most significant was the kitchen which became totally open, and thus shortening its length, came to be more efficient while gaining surface areas and visual wideness.But all the rooms were modified and transformed in amazing and modern rooms..The apartment has two bedrooms,bathrooms,living room,dinning room,kitchen,as well as ceilings

Piso 11 Apartment by Agraz Arquitectos said that “Transformation is the aim, erasing the stories of an unknown past in order to write the new and unborn ones. It is also about reconsidering and reassessing spaces, highlighting the skills of the former project and correcting the unfortunate ones to optimize it all.”

All other gear was also updated. The integral intervention includes natural granite kitchen surfaces with stainless steel on walls, matt wooden floors, and single piece marble plates for bathrooms.

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