Pippa, Kate Middleton’s sister, the new tabloid princess

After the “Wedding Century”, British tabloids have a new favorite!If Mrs. Beckham wrote a few lines, British journalists have never cease to praise at his sister Kate Middleton – Philippa.Graceful and elegant, Pippa impressed molded in white dress she wore a royal wedding as maid of honor.

Pippa, Kate Middleton's sister, the new tabloid princess (5)

Pippa Middleton has 27 years and no shortage of admirers.Kate’s younger sister was always in the company of gentlemen of fortune and good name.Her lovers have always been renowned families and amounts to many, many zeros in the account.Pippa finished the University of Edinburgh and is currently the planning of weddings.

British tabloids write the current beloved Pippa is Alex Loudon, a former cricket player, aged 30 years, no shortage of money and reputation. In addition, it is a friend of Prince William.

After the royal wedding, tabloids were quick to speculate on a future relationship between Pippa and Prince Harry, but it’s hard to believe … but not impossible.

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