Peugeot Onyx Concept Unveiled Ahead of Paris

Paris Motor Show, the French company Peugeot has revealed one of the most daring concepts Supersport created by the manufacturer of ultra-modern embodied Onyx.Peugeot Onyx is the new concept of the French from PSA. It will be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show, the French manufacturer already showing some teaser photos of this model.The model is a hybrid supercar, which boasts a fuel consumption of only 4 liters per 100 kilometers.The car has a futuristic look and features a in two different colors exterior, LED lights and a rear spoiler powered.The doors and wings handmade made of copper mesh with carbon fiber panels painted matte black.Ceiling and windows are made of a transparent thermoplastic material.

Peugeot Onyx Concept Unveiled Ahead of Paris (21)

Model is equipped with a hybrid drive train, consisting of a combustion engine of 250 hp and an electric motor of 150 hp, together offering a total of 400 hp.The chassis is made of carbon and monolithic structure was optimized by experts Peugeot Sport Division to weigh just 100 kg.20-inch wheels are shod with Michelin tires, the entire car weighs just 1,100 kg.”We chose the inside to be inspired by an object of everyday life – a box for eggs. With a remarkable economy of material, it is designed in an ergonomic manner designed to protect fragile contents. We adapted the concept of intuitive cockpit with a minimum of auxiliary components,but the driver to have each function quickly at hand, “said Julien Cueff, interior designer at Peugeot.



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