Petite Pierre Bicycle for Kids by Mores

Mores recently introduced a line of bicycles for kids that aren’t only practical and fun but also very stylish. The bikes are called ‘Petite Pierre’ and are made of carbon fiber. Obviously, this brand is not the first to launch such an item, as BMW also revealed its KidsBike in 2011. The bicycles are very well designed both in terms of safety and style. Three variations are available, rose, yellow and black, and white. However, the price for a ‘Petite Pierre’ is not that petite. Each bike retails for $1,951.

Petite Pierre Bicycle for Kids by Mores (8)

Technologies like Finite Element Method (FEM) and 3D CAD were used in the engineering of the bicycles so that they would perfectly fit the targeted age group. The carbon fiber makes it very light, thus easier to carry and handle. LED lights were integrated into the handle bar and saddle for safety purposes. To make the offer even more appealing, the company also created matching helmets for each model.

Among the company’s recent achievements we can count the Universal Design Award, which is quite impressive, as the company is new in the industry. The business debuted in 2011. Sebastian Mores is the founder and perhaps the main reason why the company became so successful in such little time, as he had been working with carbon fiber long before he decided to start the company.

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