Perfect Hairstyles for Windy Days

Perfect Hairstyles for Windy Days

Perfect Hairstyles for Windy Days

Keeping your hair in check on a grey, rainy day can seem like daunting task, but this doesn’t always need to be the case because there are certain hairstyles that, if done right, can resist even the most unfavorable weather conditions. Don’t worry; you needn’t start off on a quest to search for these outstanding hairdos, since you can easily read this little list that we created for your inspiration.

1. Braids


Braids are well known to be tough and resilient, which is why they represent one of the most appropriate hairstyles for windy days. Even though there are multiple braid styles including French and Fishtail, the Swiss braid is definitely the most versatile. If you want to make one yourself, you just have to make a center or side part, separate the hair into pigtails and braid each strand individually. Use some elastic bands to lock the hair in place and then take the hair from your right side and start wrapping it around the top of your head while you pin it in place using bobby pins. Now you just have to do it all over again on the left side. It is a lot easier than it sounds.

2. Ponytails


Ponytails are also an ideal choice for unwelcoming weather, and since they will never go out of style anytime soon, you could also look quite fashionable as you face the winds. It’s best to go with a sleek ponytail for windy weather, since it can prevent frizz and is also quite easy to obtain. You will need some medium hold gel that you should apply on your hair in order to slick it back before holding it into a ponytail at the crown. Now you should apply some salt spray on the hair and hold it firmly in place for 8-10 minutes. You look amazing!

3. Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina bun is perhaps the most sophisticated hairdos we’ve presented so far, but it is also an ideal choice for a breezy day, since it keeps your hair in check firmly. Once you decided on the perfect bun, make sure to apply some high quality fixation product on it.

Apart from these amazing hairstyles, you can also experiment with different accessories such as headbands. As long as your hair is fixed in place and you feel great in your own skin, you can be sure that you made a great choice.


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