Penthouse Apartment in Johannesburg

Designed by SAOTA(Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects)and OKHA Interious ,this lovely three-level penthouse apartment has everything it needs to be perfect.It is located in the heart of Johannesburg ,in South Africa ,on the tall atop of the Sandhurst Towers.

Penthouse Apartment in Johannesburg (1)

All the three-level have a luxury and modern design with stunning elements and furniture ,making so that each level to look different from the other one.The architects team wanted to combine a new standard in modern urban luxury living,so they created  on the 11th floor a penthouse apartment situated in the commercial city centre.You will not believe that in the 900 square meters apartment is also a beautiful garden ,a perfect place to relax  in the middle of the busy urban landscape.This penthouse praises with a contemporary,simple and elegant design,which gives its a classical elegance.

The architects have taken into consideration ,when they made the project ,that not only the  physical aesthetics is important ,but also the  energy and mood.So they succeeded to merge the functional, physical and emotive requirements of suburban living.All the natural light is inside of this penthouse and this thing make that everything to shine.The shades used for the interior design are warm ,but black and white are more used than other ones.But the result is amazing and all are placed on the perfect place.

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