Paul Allen’s Private Island Up for Sale at $13.5 Million

The island which belongs to Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft is on sale for the stunning amount of $13.5 million.The little paradise is located in south-west of Washington and it measures a total of 292 acres which includes a wooden vacationing home, airstrip, dock and beaches and of course, the tranquility,which is more important and search.

Paul Allen's Private Island Up for Sale at $13.5 Million (4)

Paul Allen was bought this island in 1992.In 2005 the piece of heaven was up for sale with a price tag of $25 million.It wasn’t sale because nobody wants to buy it.The island offers a lot of privacy,this thing is expect because all the privacy islands offer that,and it has access by sea .The exactly place where theisland is situated ,is between the Burrows Bay and Rosario Strait, with views of the Olympic Mountains, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the Rosario Strait itself.

The island enjoys of a the lush green surrounds and manicured vegetation.A house made from wood ,for vacantion is also on island .It has separate facilities of staff residence, water management, airstrips and a dock which could be used for travelling.

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