Paris Is No Longer the Capital of Fashion! See What Town Is!

Paris breathe fashion and sophistication, but there is no nucleus of fashion. He was overthrown by another city, which lead trends and launches from around the world. Do you know what it is?The correct answer is London! British capital had a real media boom with the death of designer Alexander McQueen and Kate Middleton’s arrival at Buckingham Palace.

Paris Is No Longer the Capital of Fashion! See What Town Is! (1)

The study was conducted by the American Association “Global Language Monitor” and watch how often were taken as reference world cities on the internet and fashion blogs.

London is followed closely by New York and after comes Paris, Milan and Los Angeles. View the entire top!

1. London
2. New York
3. Paris
4. Milan
5. Los Angeles
6. Hong Kong
7. Barcelona
8. Singapore
9. Tokyo
10. Berlin
11. Sydney
12. Madrid
13. Rome
14. Shanghai
15. Monaco
16. Las Vegas
17. Melbourne
18. Moscow
19. Amsterdam
20. Buenos Aires
21. Bali
22. Mexico City
23. Rio de Janeiro
24. Mumbai


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