Paradise of China

Jiuzhaigou Valley is located in northern Sichuan province of China, which was included in Unesco dating wonders that nature delights the eye. Valley Chinese name comes from the nine villages that are found in the area, the total population of around 1,000 people. Jiuzhaigou is a royal color. Therefore Valley nine villages is considered a paradise for photographers and painters for a hell beyond human creativity landscapes. Number of tourists, although growing, is relatively small due to hard to reach areas.

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The greatest good is the heritage of the area of the 114 lakes of crystal. Because algae grow on the bottom of lakes, the water gets different colors, from blue to green. Perfect clarity of the water makes the surrounding landscape to be reflected in a mirror, creating a fall pastel colors unimaginable by reflecting yellow and red leaves in the water green.

Locals and authorities place great value on water quality, they are trying to keep unpolluted.  Therefore, even washing hands is not allowed in lakes and rivers in the region, the same rules as apply to locals. Jiuzhaigou is covered in two thirds of virgin forests. In addition, other area attractions are the impressive waterfalls or an extensive list of dozens of protected plant and animal species, including panda bears.

Last but not least, in the valley are found many Buddhist temples, some with over a thousand years old. Elders of the Valley of the nine villages say the wise love water and love shown by mountains. And those who have already gone through Jiuzhaigou declared themselves lovers of peace and paradise of color painting impossible.

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