Pandora Planet of Avatar, an Attraction of 400 Million Dollars for Walt Disney Parks

Disney struck a deal with director of Avatar, James Cameron and Fox Filmed Entertainment to build a theme park inspired by the movie that recorded the highest grossing in history, Avatar (2009).The new land will be part of Walt Disney World in Florida, and its construction is estimated at about 400 million dollars, say sources close to the situation.Lightstorm Entertainment Group’s  James Cameron will design the ingenious model park together with the engineers who worked on the design of Disney.Cameron has already got two sequels Avatar coated films to be screened by Fox Filmed Entertainment and part of the giant News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch. The first part is announced for 2014, following that which was the second to be launched in 2015.Cameron’s project will be however structured different from of theme park inspired by Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg film in collaboration with Universal Studios.

Pandora Planet of Avatar, an Attraction of 400 Million Dollars for Walt Disney Parks (1)

The collaboration between Disney and Cameron is a highly profitable financial opportunity of the film franchiseFurthermore, the project can be extended to toys, games and other items that may seem attractive at amusement parks.Avatar of shattered box office records worldwide, generating revenues of over two billion dollars with its production with Universal Studios 3D.

“Avatar is one of the most memorable movies of our time,” said Bob Iger, chief executive of Disney.

“James Cameron was able to imagine a world that can be likened to the real world. Walt Disney was obsessed with turning the fantastic things from Avatar in the new experience that visitors to experience our parks, “said Iger .Visitors will run through tropical forests and may live,alike, “oceanic experience”.

According to Disney officials, park construction will begin in 2013 and from Avatar could be ready in 2016.In places of story of Walt Disney and other mega-projects built, like “Land” Cars (film series based on Pixar), estimated at one billion dollars.The latter will be done in the California Adventure park. Cars Land is scheduled to open in 2012.


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