Outstanding OptiC GMT Furtiff Luxury Phone by Celsius X VI II

Specialized in manufacturing high-end mobile phones that mix advanced technologies with outstanding design and mechanical innovations, Celsius X VI II has a new luxury piece to show, namely the stunning OptiC GMT Furtiff handset.

Outstanding OptiC GMT Furtiff Luxury Phone by Celsius X VI II (5)

Edouard Meylan and Thomas Pruvot, the founders of the brand, have had one purpose in mind from the very beginning: to create outstanding pieces with unconventional technologies and stimulating designs. Their latest creation is a perfect embodiment of their principle: it merges advanced timekeeping techniques with state-of-the-art mobile phone features.

The piece boasts 700 mechanical parts carefully put together in a 5-grade titanium casing. While still keeping the appearance of a regular clamshell phone, the device is endowed with a pretty fascinating timekeeping mechanism which also includes a unique date display at the bottom of the flap which needs no electronic system to work.



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