Outstanding Medium Pixie Haircuts for Women

Pixie haircuts have been quite popular for decades now, mainly because they offer a rebellious and fun way of styling your hair without compromising your femininity or elegance. Pixies can be polished, messy, short, medium, elegant or casual, but today we’re going to focus a bit on medium pixie haircuts, so have a look at our suggestions and pick your favorite!

Outstanding Medium Pixie Haircuts for Women (13)

One of the most common medium pixie haircuts is the side part. You can obtain this gorgeous look by squaring off your tresses and creating an eccentric side part. It is also good to place your hair behind your ears, as this will emphasize your cheekbones and your jaw line. For a touch of extra elegance, you can use various products that provide hair shine and definition.

The razored medium pixie haircut is another perfect choice that involves a series of chopped layers and dainty bangs. Thanks to a high degree of versatility, this haircut can be styled in many different ways in order to enhance your femininity. You can also use styling mousse for a bit of extra volume.

The messy medium pixie haircut actually resembles a classic pixie. If you have particularly fine and thin hair, this hairstyle represents a perfect choice, since you could easily obtain a series of sleek, wispy bangs. You can also use a high quality hair wax for a plus of definition.

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