Outstanding Jumbo Stay Hostel in Stockholm

The world is filled with all sorts of unusual hotels, some being placed deep underwater or underground in caverns, while others are nestled within waterfalls or around the ruins of old forts and castles. Today we’re going to present an equally unusual and originally designed hostel; but this one actually operates within a massive Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet.

Jumbo Stay Hostel (6)

The Jumbo Stay Hostel can be found right next to the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, and it provides amazing accommodation options in the form of shared and private rooms that include flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi connectivity and comfortable seating arrangements. Furthermore, guests are able to relax and unwind at a common balcony placed in the cockpit that ensures great views of the runway.

Highly accessible, the STF Jumbo Stay includes shuttle services that carry guests back and forth from Arlanda’s terminals, so that they could spend the night in comfort and relaxation before embarking on their voyage.

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