Outstanding Balloon Chair By h220430

What may appear as an actual floating balloon chair is actually a very ingenious artistic interpretation of the concept that was created by experts from a Japanese company called h220430 . The chair was created using a steel frame and high-end leather upholstery, and it was inspired in its design by a French movie called “Le Ballon Rouge“from 1953.

Balloon Chair By h220430 1

On a glance, the chair appears to be suspended in mid air thanks to 10 helium balloons that keep it floating, but the somewhat disappointing truth is that the furniture piece is actually bolted to the wall using hidden anchors and supports. Nonetheless, if you take the time to admire the following pictures, you’ll agree that the idea is quite original and spectacular at the same time.

Balloon Chair By h220430 3

Balloon Chair By h220430 5

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