Orsos Island Worths $4.7 Million

Do you want to have a yacht house?It is possible and it costs only $4.7 Million!Well,this is the new caprice of the millionaires,and only for them.The amazing project is designed by Gabor Orsos which wants to offer to the clients the chance to travel around the world with its own island..well a floating and motorized island.It’s actually an unusual yacht called The Osros Floating Island.The craft has not yet appeared on the market but the propotype will be available next year.

Orsos Island Worths $4.7 Million (5)

The famous Orsos Yahct will have six bedrooms , 20 square meters each with  private bathroom ,plus a few other rooms used to house the crew.The happy travelers can sunbathe on the roof of the yacht when will be specially arranged for this with several chairs.Also,the producers will arrange a barbecue area,a jacuzzi ,bar,kitchen and storage space for diving equipment.Moreover, for lovers of thrills, the company will equip the island with two speed boats! Main deck to accommodate a spacious living room, which will among other things, an aquarium with exotic fish.

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