Original Running Wall Residence in Thalassery, India

While most of us usually dream about living in a welcoming, stylish and comfortable home for the rest of our lives, the owner of the Running Wall Residence actually wanted a menacing-looking house that would slightly intimidate its visitors at a glance. The Running Wall residence was constructed and designed in 2012 by an architectural firm named LIJO RENY, and it can be found in Thalassery, India.

Running Wall Residence 34

Running Wall Residence 35

Running Wall Residence 2

Running Wall Residence 8

Running Wall Residence 12

What makes this residence stand out is the fact that it is surrounded by a large laterite stone wall, which means that the entire property looks like it is actually fortified. The laterite stone that was used in the making of the wall allows it to appear part of the natural surroundings due to its earthly color and texture. Once inside, the owner is greeted by a 3 storey-tall internal courtyard that features numerous natural plants such as ferns or banana plants. For quick and easy access to some of the most important areas of the house, the architects implemented an internal stairway that leads directly to the home theater and study.

Running Wall Residence 16

Running Wall Residence 22

Running Wall Residence 26

Furthermore, the home is packed with high-end amenities and facilities, including state-of-the-art appliances, flat screen TVs, large dining tables, generous windows and impressive lighting arrangements throughout.

Running Wall Residence 28

Running Wall Residence 30

Running Wall Residence 31

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