Orcasub Private Submarine by Spymaster

If you’ve always wanted to explore the depths of the ocean but never had the necessary equipment to make it happen, the British security company Spymaster has something perfect for you. Orcasub is a private submarine which was displayed at the Harrods Technology 2.0 event. Well, a mock-up of it actually. The real thing is said to measure 22 feet in length and weigh 4 tons. It is worth $2 million and is powered by a battery that also ensures 80 hours of life support. The private diver can descend to a minimal depth of 1000 feet. You can control the submarine by a joystick, pedals and its aircraft-like controls.

Orcasub Private Submarine by Spymaster (9)

Other features include a digital long-range underwater communication system, a built-in collision-avoidance sonar system and a 60,000 lumen Nuytco NewtSun untra-LED lighting system so you can observe the depths. In order to ensure an unforgettable experience, the engineers equipped it with a window that provides panoramic views.

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